I took last week off for Thanksgiving. For those you not living in the states, that’s a holiday where we celebrate the one time we got along with Native Americans. We also reflect on things we’re thankful for.

This year, I’m thankful for anyone who might be reading this blog. Yes, that means you, dear reader! Whoever you are. So, in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to give you something you could use.

Some resources that will help you get out there, write, and most importantly make some damn money! After all, Christmas is coming. You remember that bank account succubus of a holiday, don’t you? Sure you do.

But, if you sell an article or story this year maybe you can actually buy your relatives some decent gifts. Last year I got my dad a reflective sun visor for his car windshield…

Anyway, without further ado, here are five more websites that will pay you to write!

(Check out my earlier installment- 5 Websites That Will Pay You to Write)


Believe it or not, but some people actually do read Playboy for the articles! They, not just a smut rag. In fact, over the last sixty years, the magazine has published short stories and articles from famous authors like Ray Bradbury, Norman Mailer, and Stephen King!

They’re always looking for articles on the subjects of sex (obviously), culture, politics, and entertainment. And they pay in Greenbacks, baby! Up to $350 for 1000 words. That will put some gifts in those stockings.

Got an idea you want to pitch them? Email Joe Donatelli, Sex and Culture Editor at jdonatelli@playboy.com



You know Vice, it’s like CNN but run by hipsters. Actually, it’s a very serious news outlet, and they are open to unsolicited submissions. Do believe that deep down you were always meant to be a hard-hitting journalist? Do you have an idea for a story?

Email their editors at editor@vice.com

They also accept photo submissions at photoeditor@vice.com

And, video submissions at videosubmissions@vice.com


Smithsonian Magazine

Here’s another established name in publishing that will accept unsolicited submissions from freelance writers, like you! They even have an easy to use a web form that makes the submission process a breeze.

Find that here- https://www.smithsonianmag.com/contact/article-submit-print-magazine/

One caveat- They require three published clips, and they want links to your work. Published writers only on this one.



Ozy is a news site that covers just about any subject you can hope to write about. From music to podcasts to the latest fashion trends, it shouldn’t take you long to come up with an idea to pitch. Hell, you may already have an article written for them.

If you do, you can submit to their editors over at http://www.ozy.com/about-ozy/contact-us

If you don’t then what are you doing? Get to writing!

The Establishment

What are they looking for? I’ll let their editors tell you:

“your articulate and well-researched musings on Mesopotamian dinosaurs, the politics of denim, the unexpected relationship between neo-conservatism and feminism, adolescent self-discovery, unlikely animal friendships, sploshing, the plight of restorative justice told through a graphic novel, the sordid history of the salt trade, racial disparity in the criminal justice system, the latest congressional health care death match . . . or anything in between?”

Got anything that fits that category? (I sure as hell don’t)
Contact The Establishment at https://theestablishment.co/pitch-us-b0788d803a0b#.nd9188eo 

All right, there are five websites that will pay for your work. I found them for you. Now all you have to do is write and start cashing those checks!