I have to admit something, I’m a huuuuge Star Wars fan. Then again, who isn’t these days?

Like a lot of people, my love for the Star Wars saga goes back to my childhood. I’m not old enough to have seen the original trilogy in theaters, but I am old enough to have owned the 1995 VHS box set!

I spent many a Saturday afternoon watching those tapes back to back to back. In fact, looking back, I was a bit of a lonely child…


Anyway, with the release of the final trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi my wife, and I, found ourselves up late last night doing what Star Wars fans love to do- coming up with Last Jedi fan theories.

Potential Spoilers lay ahead because I think we solved one of the biggest questions of left hanging after The Force Awakens:

Who are Rey’s parents?

Upfront, I have to give credit to my wife. This is 100 percent her theory, but she convinced me so thoroughly I felt I had to share. And she’s a good source for this kind of stuff.

She once watched all the Star Wars Prequels in one sitting. Over nine hours of terrible movies! Actually, my wife was a bit of a lonely child…


Let’s start from the beginning- Jakku. This is the planet where we first meet Rey. For even the most casual of Star Wars fans Jakku is an obvious rip off of the Skywalker’s terrestrial abode- Tatooine. This resemblance is no mistake, and it’s important because it directly associates Rey with Luke, in the mind of the viewer.

So, Luke is Rey’s father? Case closed, amirite?

Hell no!

First, that’s a little on the nose, don’t you think?

Also, From what we’ve seen so far, Luke’s been living the hermit lifestyle, and I doubt he’s gettin’ any booty on the cliffs of Ach-to because it’s nothing but a bunch of Porgs out there and oh my God…


Porgs 2.jpg
Let’s hope not little buddy.


But seriously, my guess is that- unlike the Luke of the Star Wars Legacy fiction, who married and had children- film Luke has embraced the Jedi lifestyle, and with that comes a strict code of celibacy.


And he wonders why he has recruitment issues.


But if it’s not Luke than who? Let’s take a look at some of the other characters that we meet on Tatooine, in A New Hope.

There’s Obi-Wan, a popular candidate, among fans, for Rey’s papa, except for the fact that he, like Luke, is a devote Jedi. Also, he’s a force ghost, so like, he’s dead.

Then there’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.


Well, I guess there out, too.

That only leaves one candidate, and I bet that by now you can guess who I’m talking about. That’s right….



Just kidding. But for real.

It’s freaking Han!!


Yeah you, buddy.


Han and Leia (in case that isn’t obvious) are Rey’s true parents. Rey is force sensitive, so one of her parents has to be a force user, and we only know of one force user, on the light side, with the good sense not to become a Jedi- Leia.

Here’s how we think it all went down:

Sometime after the Battle of Endor, Han and Leia conceive their first child, Ben Solo aka Kylo Ren. It’s not long before Luke, Leia, and Han discover Ben’s raw force power.

Much like his uncle Luke, Ben is able to wield the force effectively with little or no training. I mean, dude can stop a blaster bolt and hold it in mid-air. We know, however, that his training was cut short since he was bested by Finn, a sanitation trooper, in a lightsaber battle.

Knowing Ben’s strong force ability, Luke convinces Leia and Han to allow him to train the boy. This meant that young Ben was forced to leave his parents to go live with his stern uncle.

We don’t know much about Ben’s time with Luke, but at some point, Ben turns to the Dark Side of the Force and kills all of Luke’s followers destroying the new Jedi Order.

Ben’s fall to the Dark Side likely had several contributing factors. For one, he felt abandoned by his parents, and he certainly seems to hold some resentment towards them, since, you know…


Like Anakin, Ben likely suffered under his strict Jedi tutelage, and the insistence, of that training, to relinquish any emotional attachment. But what really pushed him over the edge, I think, was a lie.

In A New Hope, Obi-Wan lies to Luke about Anakin’s fall to the Dark Side. His reasons are obvious. No one wants to tell a boy that his father is a serial youngling killer, and Kenobi was probably more than a little worried that Luke would make the same mistake, following in the footsteps of his father. When Luke discovers the truth, he’s understandably mad, but ultimately forgives his master.

I believe that Luke makes the same mistake with Ben Solo, lying to him about the identity of the boy’s grandfather. When Ben finds out the truth, probably through Snoke, this sends him into a rage.

Not only had he been abandoned, and forced to suppress his emotion, but his entire family has been lying to him since the day he was born. Can you blame him for being a little rebellious?

With his new Jedi Order in ruins, Luke goes into hiding on Ach-To, but not before warning Han and Leia of their son’s fate. This is where Rey comes into our story because what Han and Leia hadn’t told Luke or Ben was that they’d given birth to another child, Ben’s sister.

At this point, Snoke has reorganized the remnants of the Galactic Empire into the First Order. With this new threat in mind, Han and Leia have a terrible choice to make.

They know that if Ben learns of his sister he will tell Snoke, and Snoke will pursue her, for her power, just as he did Ben. She will always be in danger as long as she’s with her parents.

Just like Luke and Leia, her identity must be hidden. So, for the second time, the Solos are forced to push their child away.

This is what ultimately causes the rift between Han and Leia. Han knows the pain they caused Ben by sending him away, and he blames himself. Now he’s set to repeat that mistake with his daughter.

After losing both her children, Leia reverts to the only life she knows joining the Resistance and, in a way, pursuing her lost son as she fights to defeat his new master Snoke.

Han leaves Rey on Jakku, under the watch of Unkar Plutt, a junker whom Han has probably done business with before. He also leaves behind his most prized possession, The Millennium Falcon. Perhaps this is a sort of safety deposit to ensure that Plutt keeps Rey safe.

However, the Falcon is damaged and not space-ready as of The Force Awakens. Due to this, perhaps Plutt felt he’d been swindled by Han and leaves Rey to fend for herself.

One thing is clear, Han never wanders far from Jakku. He also leaves a tracker on the Falcon so that he knows as soon as it leaves the planet.

Another thing on the Falcon- isn’t it interesting that Rey flys it so deftly? As if it were her… birthright!

Anyway, as soon as Rey and the Falcon are in the upper atmosphere, Han is there immediately. He takes to Rey very quickly and even offers her a job. Does he like her because of her skill as a pilot? Or is there deeper reason behind why Han wants to keep Rey close?

If this theory is correct, and let’s be honest we’re probably wrong about everything, what does this mean for the dynamic between Kylo and Rey?

Does Kylo know that Rey is his sister? If not, what will he do when he learns the truth. He’s already expressed a desire to train Rey. Will he turn her to the Dark Side or will she bring him into the Light? Or, will they together usher in the age of the mysterious Grey Jedi?

Afterall, Last Jedi Director Rain Johnson has described the two characters as:

“almost two halves of our protagonist.”

Knowing this surely Kylo’s redemption will be a key element in the ultimate story.

Anyway, what do you think? Is Rey the daughter of Han and Leia? Or is there some other theory out there that you put more stock in? Let me know in the comments.

Unless you think she’s another immaculate force birth, ala Anakin in Episode I.

Please get out of her with that Phantom Menace nonsense!