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Part 16, No Knock, No Doorbell, begins as a family affair. Actually, back up a little.

It begins on a dark road illuminated by a pair of headlights. A shot that’s become synonymous with Bad Coop. He’s just left the creepy gas station with Richard Horne in tow.

Richard is quickly dispatched by a trap that was surely set to capture Bad Coop. What’s interesting is that Jerry Horne, Richard’s uncle, stumbles out of the woods just in time to witness his nephews demise, through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars.

Whatever is happening in the universe of Twin Peaks the Horne’s seemed to be inexorably connected considering Ben’s humming office, and Audrey’s current state of affairs. When Twin Peaks comes to an end will the Hornes be at its epicenter?


We see Chantal and Hutch get into a suburban dispute over a blocked driveway. They’re ultimately blown away by a gun-toting accountant while the FBI and the Mitchum brothers look on, confused. The incident played out like a deleted scene from Reservoir Dogs, or a Cohen brothers’ film. It was funny, though.

Cut to Dougie in a coma. Ugh. If there’s anything worse than Dougie bouncing off plate glass windows it’s a catatonic Dougie. Even when Dougie woke up, suddenly Cooper- 100 percent!- I don’t think I believed it.

Fifteen freaking episodes and we FINALLY get Cooper back! It was totally worth it though. Talk about building tension. It took balls for Lynch and Frost to keep their main protagonist sidelined for almost the entire series, but it fits with the world of Twin Peaks where consequences are always severe. Don’t believe me? Ask Josie Packard. I think she’s still stuck in an end table at the Great Northern.  

Anyway, a trip to The Lodge is not something you recover from over the weekend, and it was a long journey for Coop, and us, to get to here. The payoff came when Cooper turned to the camera- to us- and said:

“I am the FBI”

Before he leaves, Cooper bids farewell to his adopted family. He mentions, cryptically, that “Dougie… I mean I will be back.” Which is worrisome. What is Cooper planning? And will he be gone as quickly as he emerged?

Meanwhile, Diane, the doppelganger had a talk with Gordon Cole. I wrote down the following quotes that stuck out:

“I remember”

“Hope this is working”

“I’m not me.”

Then she disappeared as quickly as Cooper came out of that coma. There’s speculation that the woman with no eyes, Naido, is the real Diane. That makes sense.

Bad Cooper was obviously concerned about the return of the real Cooper. He wouldn’t have made Dougie otherwise. Bad Cooper knew that when Cooper inevitably returned, Diane would be one of the first people Dale would contact. So, Bad Coop spirited her away to a lodge, where she became Naido, replacing her with a replicant that would do his bidding.

But now, Naido has been carried down the mountain by Andy. I hope she is Diane because I already miss her.

The Road House

Unlike Cooper, Audrey is not 100 percent. Is she in a coma? Probably not. That answer seems too easy. What about a Lodge? Maybe, but it’s a Lodge unlike any we’ve seen yet. If she is in a Lodge, how did she get there?

Wherever Audrey is The Road House exists in this place which raises the question: Have all the Road House scenes taken place in this weird Audrey netherworld? Are Trent Reznor and Eddie Vedder stuck in there too?!  

I don’t know, but Cooper’s back. For now, that’s all that matters.