We’re seeing the beginning of some splintered relationships, as the past comes back to haunt a some of our favorite characters. Let’s start where it all began…


Arya and Littlefinger, Littlefinger and Arya. The two sneakiest characters in the Seven Kingdoms, but who came out ahead tonight? Well, Little Finger of course as he seems to be on a mission to sow discord in the already fractured relationship between the two Stark sisters. Knowing that Arya is watching his every move Little finger plants a suspicious note in his chamber from the long departed Measter Luwin’s records.

The note happens to be from way back in season two when Sansa was the hostage of Cersei Lannister. After the death of her father, the Lannisters forced Sansa to write a message to her family urging them to give up their fight for the “King in the North,” a title that, at the time, belonged to her brother Robb. A title that Jon Snow now holds…

Is Arya clever enough to see through this little ruse? Only time will tell, but she demonstrated tonight that she does not trust Sansa. And we caught glimpses of Little Finger scheming with the Lords of the North, so we can assume that he is behind the sudden antagonism towards Jon Snow. But that wasn’t the only place we saw shaky allegiances.


Daenerys started the episode with a bang by burning a couple of Tarly’s despite Tyrion’s pleads for mercy. Tyrion seemed shaken by the decision, but he wasn’t nearly as upset as our friend Lord Varys. He is all too familiar Targaryen rulers with a penchant for flash-frying Westerosi Lords. Are we beginning to see cracks in Varys loyalty?

King’s Landing

Cersei’s pregnant, so… there’s that. Puts a damper on all the “Jaime will kill Cersei,” theories. And how will Euron react to this?

Tyrion and Jaime did have a… decent reunion. What’s more worrying is what Cersei had to say about the meeting. She asked Jaime how he would punish Bronn for bringing the brothers together. This doesn’t bode well for our favorite sellsword. Will Cersei decide to dish out the Queen’s justice? How will Jaime react if Cersei does off the man who just saved him from Drogon’s wrath?


Samwell is pissed, and he’s leaving. Why? The Measters refuse to listen to his warning about the Knight King. Of course, he wasn’t listening when Gilly made the biggest discovery since Ned Stark found Gendry working steel in Flea Bottom.

Jon Snow- not a bastard!

How long will it be until people figure out that this guy is a freaking Targaryen? Now, thanks to Gilly we know that his mother Lyanna and father Rhaegar were secretly married. Just as Jon is leaving to go beyond The Wall… again. Let’s hope he doesn’t stay as long as he did the last time.

And oh yeah, he pets a dragon! C’mon Dany, take a hint!

Parting Thoughts…

What will Jorah say when he sees Jon wielding his family sword, Long Claw?

Who will make it back from beyond The Wall? I’ve got a sinking suspicious that Dondarriaon isn’t long for this world.

Guess Dany has a crush on Jon now. Just as Daario was out of the picture. Will Jorah ever catch a break?

So we’re going to beyond The Wall to catch a wight to present to Cersei in hopes that she’ll be reasonable for the first time in ever. Great plan…